Online ShopsThe shops were created by us and are operated by us.

Holi Europe

In our web shop Holi Europe, we offer high quality Holi powder (Gulal powder). This powder is being thrown in the Indian sacred Holi festival. We have the classic coloured powder and neon coloured powder in stock, both in a variety of colours. We were actively involved as company in the organisation of several Holi festivals in Germany.

Planesium’s range of goods contains covering sheets and protective caps from our own production. These can be used to cover your garden table, chill furniture and boats amongst other things. We also offer custom-tailored products with customer specific requirements. The materials we use, as well as our workmanship are of the highest quality.

Kaisertech offers filaments for 3D printers. The wide assortment includes filaments of different materials, colours and diameters. Thanks to our years of experience and our involvement in the production, we can grant you products of exceptional quality. You can find a lot of information in our web shop to make better buying decisions.

Online PlatformsWe also sell our products on the following platforms.

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Our TeamBoth owners of Yakom, who are the chief executives at the same time, have the necessary expertise in commerce and marketing.

Emrah Omay
CEO and founder

Emrah Omay: studied business administration. Due to his wide knowledge about the fields of business management and economy, tasks like internal and external corporate accounting, stock management and project management are handled by him. His particular strengths are online trading, price policy and customer relationship management. He has a very strategic way of working and relies heavily on statistics and market research.

Abdurrahim Yakut
CEO and founder

Abdurrahim Yakut: studied entrepreneurship. His creative, solution-oriented and objective way of working enables a healthy thrive of the company. His particular strengths are online marketing and search engine optimisation. Thanks to his expertise in entrepreneurship, he is able to come up with new business ideas, to follow them through and make good long-term investment decisions.


All employees of our staff consist of carefully chosen candidates. We make sure, that they are able to adapt economical and technical changes to our business by continuous training courses. This is neccessary to make quality assurance possible. Our co-workers in the office, the warehouse and the production facility alike, are experts in their own fields. Like our company also the staff is growing as time goes by.

Besides our own products and shop, we provide an additional service to our business partners. We can bring your product to market for you. That means, you can leave distribution, storage and order handling to us and make use of our expertise and experience in online trading.
An incomplete list of our services:
  •  Creating an individual web shop
  •  Selling your products on different platforms
  •  Marketing
  •  Processing of shipping and return delivery
  •  Reports for specified cycles
  •  Close cooperation



Our vision at a glance

Our plans for the future are structured multidimensionally:
  •  Further enhance product quality: Based on new advanced technological possibilities and on our experience.
  •  Automatise order processing: By making use of information technology and professional methods.
  •  Increase Sales: By means of marketing, more distribution channels and a larger product line.
 Focus Areas

We are basically able and open for the sale of any product.
But due to our business concept, there are some limitations like foods and most clothes.

Specific products that promise to be relevant for the future are preferred.

Our Office

Our Office

In our office in Berlin, our colleagues overwatch the purchase orders and provide customer support. We make sure that each order is being attended carefully, from the order receive to your receipt of the products. Other errands like procurance and administration of the goods are also done here.

Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse has plenty of space and the required technical equipment to handle big challenges. Our storage technique provides a highly organised warehouse. Furthermore, we use an advanced software-assisted System for a smooth processing of your order. Changes in our stock are being recognised by the system automatically, so we can refill our stock in time.

You are interested in working with us?

Get in touch with us so that we can design an appropriate model.

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